About ForexIB

Forexib.biz Forex Introducing Broker was a forex trade copy service with a combination of EA (expert advisor) and is manually and monitored by a team of experienced traders for more than 5 years. MT4 / 5 Expert Advisor (EA) community provider for its members because we all realize that choosing the right and right trading strategy is quite difficult. It takes skill and experience to analyze the market both from a technical and fundamental point of view, therefore whether you are a beginner trader or you who already have trading experience, Forexib.net always tries to provide everything you need to make you successful in trading on the financial markets. and grow together. ForexIB.biz has a variety of MT4 / 5 Expert Advisors (EA) for forex trading that has been tested by our team for a long time and has been making consistent profits (disclaimer), as well as trading accounts verified by 3rd parties such as myfxbook, FXStat etc. and in the future Forexib.net always conducts research to find the best MT4 / 5 Expert Advisor (EA) for its community members.

Why ForexIB

1. MANDATORY Open a Meta Trader 4 Trading Account with the broker of your choice or FBS via our Community link: https://fbsid-broker.com/?ppk=registermt4  PARTNER ID: 18567070 (our advice for all MT4 that follows EA is advised to use FBS because our EA also installed on the FBS Broker as well to minimize latency, slippage, FBS deposits and withdrawals fast enough on weekdays and the suitability of market prices and times)

2. Register and choose EA packages with ForexIb.net Our EA performance on page: 

Account A: The Manual Trade(Recommended), Can be check at MyFxbook (3rd party verificator) via https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/forex-war/7318757

Minimum starting 1000 USD use day trade, swing trade, hedging, smooth averaging and all trading style depend on the market movement and just enter market manually. profit estimate : 5% - 20% / month.


Account B: The Manual Trade(Recommended), Trade Can be check at MyFxbook (3rd party verificator) via https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/mt4-320062273/9134351

Minimum starting 100.000 USD or More use day trade, swing trade, hedging, smooth averaging and all trading style depend on the market movement and just enter market manually. profit estimate : 2% - 5% / month. LOW DRAW DOWN, LOW RISK.

EA Price 10.000 USD one time Payment and you need 1 normal accounts with 200USD before apply this, and the 10.000 USD will distributed 70% for community as 10 levels shown at Repeat Order Bonus. 30% Will go to life time VPS and Administration Fees.


Account C: The EA Automatic (USD 1000 JUST ONLY CAN ONLY HANDLE 600 PIPS)Trade Can be check at MyFxbook (3rd party verificator) via https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/forexib-ea/9141486

Minimum starting 1000 USD can handle 600pips range entering market using EA + Manual profit estimate : 5% - 20% / month.

NOTE: past results do not guarantee future results,  Please do not invest money that you can't afford to lose!!!

3. Simply provide the Package Name that you purchased, the EA you will use, MT4 / MT4 Trading Account No, password, metatrader server ONLY via submit ticket inside your Member virtual office because we will activate the EA package option in your account within the ForexIB.biz Forex Introducing Broker (we use our own VPS for the sake of our EA's confidentiality). Additional info: we only help install EA to your Account, so ForexIB.biz will NOT be able to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAWAL on your MT4 / 5 account. it can only be done through the client cabinet of your broker.

Package 1: $1000 - $3000. EA Price 200 USD

Package 2: $3001 - $5000. EA Price ..... USD {COMING SOON}

Package 3: $5001 - $10000. EA Price ..... USD {COMING SOON}

Package 4: $10001 - $20000. EA Price ..... USD {COMING SOON}

Package 5: $20001 - $50000. EA Price .... USD {COMING SOON}

Package 6: $50001 - $100000. EA Price .... USD {COMING SOON}

Package 7: $ 100001 to unlimited. EA Price ..... USD {COMING SOON}

Note: Our own VPS is using 3rd party services, we will help keep monitoring of this and with great connection lattency, but we just cant guarantee 100% of the uptime because the servers was not owned by us.

4. MANDATORY withdrawal and transfer 30% profit sharing Maximum 3 x 24 hours working days after instructed by the ForexIB.biz admin and 30% profit sharing must be sent as soon as possible to the ForexIB.biz USDT Acc Bank can be seen on the page: ForexIB.biz so that it can be allocated to all members (ask for cooperation and honesty for the betterment of our community together). If you don't send  profit sharing funds, your EA will automatically terminate itself and ForexIB.biz Forex Introducing Broker is not responsible for this. Any late transfers to the admin will be subject to fines with you being required to transfer 50% of your profit and this will be distributed to every member in your network. after 7 days if admin not got any transfer so You need activate package by Buying new package again to activate your account and to withdrawal your bonus.

5. Trading on your account is not recommended because it will affect the overall EA calculation. If You make a Trading by Yourself it will cause your EA will automatically terminate itself and ForexIB.biz Forex Introducing Broker is not responsible for this, You need activate package by Buying new package again to activate your account and to withdrawal your bonus.

6. You can monitor your trading account LIVE.

7. Profit Sharing is shared with community members is 70% for investor and 30% distributed for community members.

8. Honesty, Transparency and Cooperation of all Community members is Our Vision for the achievement of mutual prosperity.

9. MANDATORY upgrade EA / BOT if the balance exceeds the Plan selected initially by registering for the New Plan please Contact Support

10. Brokers, EA providers, referring traders and verifiers ALL are 3rd parties and have nothing to do with ForexIB.biz, so everything is completely transparent.

11. After making any payment please confirm for us via Email : [email protected]

12. ForexIB.biz was NO relationship whatsoever with brokerage companies and VPS companies, ForexIB.biz just an Introducing Brokers for his own community make nice systems those only to support his own community.

WARNING: If found copying our transactions without us knowing, then the account that copied the transaction will be banned without any notification.

NOTE: For those who follow the forexib.net EA(Expert Advisor), PLEASE DO A WITHDRAWAL AFTER GOT INFORM BY ADMIN AND BE HONEST TO TRANSFER YOUR PROFIT SHARING TO ForexIB.biz USDT TRC20 ACC and will be distributed in the network bonus, you are required to send your mt4 data and which account you want to follow via submit ticket inside your member area with your mt4 username and password only, this is because we will monitor your mt4, and we need to know. WILL CAN NOT BE WITHDRAWING YOUR MONEY because your mt4 data is not your login cabinet data(please keep safe your cabinet data from everyone) and the broker we use is FBS also does not allow financial withdrawals outside the registered account name.

Membership Benefits


20% Fast Start Pay



50% Unilevel Bonus

Level 1 : 10%    Level  9 :  2%

Level 2 :   5%    Level 10 : 2%

Level 3 :   5%    Level 11 : 2%

Level 4 :   4%    Level 12 : 2%

Level 5 :   4%    Level 13 : 2%

Level 6 :   3%    Level 14 : 2%

Level 7 :   3%    Level 15 : 2%

Level 8 :   2%

Repeat Order Bonus

70% RO/Omset Bonus.

Level 1 : 15%    Level  6 :   5%  

Level 2 : 10%    Level  7 :   5% 

Level 3 :   5%    Level  8 :   5%  

Level 4 :   5%    Level  9 :   5%

Level 5 :   5%    Level 10 : 10% 

Before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Most importantly, don't invest money that you can't afford to lose. There is considerable risk involved in any off-exchange foreign exchange transaction, including, but not limited to, leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection, and market volatility that could substantially affect prices. Please do not invest money that you can't afford to lose!!!
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